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The Musician’s Life Makes The World A Global Village

As I sat down in my chair after tonight’s dress rehearsal, I noticed my favorite dried flower peering at me from the center of the chair. I was a bit disoriented, as I usually give myself a vigorous shake and brush off to get as much of the dog hair and plant parts from my…

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Honoring My Favorite Teacher- MOMMIE!

I consider myself a teacher for a couple of reasons. I have always embraced the concept that “if you want to truly learn a particular skill or craft, you must find and work individually with a good teacher. If you want to be a Master of that subject, you must teach it to others.” The…

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Three Ways To Find Your Life's Passion

Going through the motions. Boring routine. Living life on automatic. While we learn how to be ‘useful contributors to society’ by putting in the hours at work to earn our keep and not be a burden on society, many people find that the dullness and lack of emotional and/or intellectual connection with our method of…

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