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MY kind of #FastFood

I love food. Food and wine pairing used to be a big part of my life- the fast food version of that being the dried fruit/cheese/bread paired with alchohol… not the way to keep one’s HDL’s and LDL’s in balance. I am not a specialist in nutrition or macrobiotic diets or anything else, but the…

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Rest and Recovery

Aaaahhhhhh…. I recently participated in the ACRO YOGA MONTRÈAL Teacher Training. The rigorous 200-hour program led by Eugene Poku and Jessica Goldberg included hours of practicing acroyoga skills and sequence combinations packed into a 30-day period of time! I added to my schedule an additional eight hours of private lessons with the school’s Assistant Teachers…

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Catalina Island Acro Yoga Retreat~ the September 2017 Inagural Session

The 2017 ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND held September 24-27 was tremendously inspiring, invigorating, satisfying… all the things we want when we take a trip to an island paradise! Led by Karen Elaine and Karen Castle, the participants worked vigorously on new shapes in the morning sessions and reviewed a few favorite poses in…

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