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Acroyoga- finding balance with strangers & everything else

Have you wondered why new tasks or physical exercises throw you off? Your supervisor at work wants you to use a new electronic project manager when you used to just make the same updates over a cup of coffee, or the decades of long commutes in the car followed by sitting long hours at work…

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Haska-Jasmine Elaine

This Angel Puppy Girl here. Haska arrived in our lives as abruptly as she left. Maximus Maximillian Puffington Esquire and I are so blessed to have had the brief time together with beautiful sweet personality-filled Haska.

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Strength, Ease, and Uplift Through the Yoga Practice

Day #1 of a yoga challenge I participated in a little while ago started with a complex yoga pose that challenged the participants’ strength and flexibility. The young women hosting and choreographing the poses were not playing around with silly modified improv shapes. SERIOUS business with this pose called #kukkutasana, or Rooster Pose. This pose…

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