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I am motivated in my life by the sensation of being surrounded by joy and happiness. Bringing the joy of music to audiences large and small allows me to travel the world, meet and collaborate with people who are transformed by the Universal Language that is music, and BE a part of the magic that is music in all kinds of genres.
Music will move you physically/mentally/spiritually and as a performer, it is exhilarating to share and see music's impact. The most beautiful experience that I have been blessed to share was bedside of my first music teacher's father. While I was on tour as a member of the violin section accompanying Eric Clapton on his 1998 USA tour, I paid a visit to Mr. Kirkell, retired violinist of the Cleveland Orchestra. He was on his death-bed, able to acknowledge communication with eye movement only according to his hospital care staff. Knowing that Mr. Kirkell was a profoundly spiritual Jewish man, I thought that playing the beautiful lyric lines of Ernest Bloch's HEBRAIQUE SUITE would be an appropriate serenade. Moments after playing, this veteran musician placed his left hand on the rail of the bed and began to move his fingers and vibrate in time with mine. My mentor and teacher Lorie came to visit her father two weeks later with her cello and a photo of us together- recognizing me in the photo, her father spoke to her of the violinist who played the Judaica music for him and how much he enjoyed it! Amazing rejuvenation in this man, thanks to music, and what an honor it was for me to trigger that change in energy.
My life has been an exploration of how music can be expressed physically/mentally/spiritually, and this hub of information will show you how I have combined music/acrobatic yoga/Reiki to realize this beautiful mix- immerse yourself in the world of energetic music and movement as an audience member or as a participant of YogaMusic.Me

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"The joy I reap from teaching and performing acroyoga is in seeing the bond created between humans who allow themselves to trust one another in this fun and very physical modality of exercise."



"Music moves me because I AM the music--a new art form through mindful movement.  I Am AY-M acro yoga & music."