Catalina Island Acro Yoga Retreat~ the September 2017 Inagural Session

The 2017 ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND held September 24-27 was tremendously inspiring, invigorating, satisfying… all the things we want when we take a trip to an island paradise! Led by Karen Elaine and Karen Castle, the participants worked vigorously on new shapes in the morning sessions and reviewed a few favorite poses in the sun and sand for some awesome photo memories to take home for their continuing ACRO YOGA practice. The beautiful Gaia Yoga Shala, where the formal acro yoga classes were held, features a magnificent harness strap system for therapeutic stretches that is used in the afternoon sessions.

An exciting space to deepen one’s partner yoga skills on the mats, the ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND is a recurring immersion that is presented in the athletes’ dream island town of Avalon, a location that is home to year-round training and sporting events. The structure of the daily RETREAT schedule allows for the participant to enjoy the other activities that are offered off of the yoga mats such as scuba diving, snorkelling, zip-lining, mountain hiking, parasailing, and of course photography!

Team teachers Karen Castle and Karen Elaine were all smiles during the three and a half days of acro yoga. A perfect start to the Retreat, the ferry boat ride on Catalina Express was glassy smooth with a beautiful pod of dolphins escorting the boat and the rising sun into Avalon Harbor. 

While the Retreat features a rigorous program of over four hours on the mats each day, the participants are able to enjoy the beautiful restorative yoga classes taught by Angela Phillips as a feature of the all-inclusive Retreat package. Immersion in the practice and study of coordinated breath and physical movement makes this a world-class event. Taking the morning restorative yoga class with all of the instructors is a wonderful way to calibrate the collective energy- it is a magical experience when the course instructors take yoga class alongside the participants at the beginning of the day!

The morning ACRO YOGA sessions led by Karen Castle featured her specialty of Circus Fitness with an emphasis on flexibility and creative pyramid building. Participants got their bend-and-stretch ON, then reviewed a few of the poses in the sun and sand at Avalon’s Step Beach. 

Afternoon ACRO YOGA sessions led by Karen Elaine featured her specialty of Yin Partner Stretching and incorporated work on the strap wall for inversion practice. Participants left the class feeling taller and deeply relaxed.

The next session on Catalina Island will run from December 24th through the 30th. Participants can sign up for all of the days enjoying a special all-inclusive offering of yoga, food, magnificent accommodations and gifts. Individual classes are also available with incentives to sign up for mutiple classes. Check out the details of services offered and the FAQ page at THE ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND below👇

Acroyoga Retreat on Catalina Island


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