Rest and Recovery


I recently participated in the ACRO YOGA MONTRÈAL Teacher Training. The rigorous 200-hour program led by Eugene Poku and Jessica Goldberg included hours of practicing acroyoga skills and sequence combinations packed into a 30-day period of time! I added to my schedule an additional eight hours of private lessons with the school’s Assistant Teachers Jill Campbell and Mackenzie Fleetham.

This was a lot of exercise. Knowing that I would most likely be the oldest participant in the month-long training, I made an educated guess that the program was going to be a fast paced immersion in this team sport and that complaining aboit old creaking bones and joints would not have a place there. It was my plan before driving across country to have a self-nurturing plan in place to assure an injury-free month.

My favorite mode of recovery after an hours-long complete body workout has always been a soak in the hot tub Jacuzzi. Adding to that the magical element of Epsom Magnesium Salts, and I have found the answer to muscle recovery.

As the largest organ of the human body, our skin absorbs everything that it is exposed to. Literally by osmosis, we absorb the minerals present in Epsom Magnesium Salts- elements that are typically absent from our diets. The balancing of electrolytes in our bodies is necessary for healthy and complete recovery from strenuous exercise. Soaking in warm water saturated with these nurturing salts is key to assuring recovery, relief, and elimination of muscle fatigue.

Exercise and recovery are of course a personal preference for each individual, but at 51 years-young I was able to attend each day of classes offered during my attendance and stayed strong throughout the training. The highlight of my experience in the Montrèal session was posing with my fellow Teacher in Training Mr. Joey Stafford-Abbott as our Instructor Mr. Eugene Poku held us in the peak pose of the month. This “Double Dancer Pose” below is from that photo session~

Here’s to living well- loving life and our body temples, and nurturing these vessels so they may operate at their optimum level. Treat yourself to this same formula this December as I host my next ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND from December 24-30 in Avalon. Read the FAQ page then sign up here👉


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