Self-care in preparation for an exercise retreat

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE FIRST EVER ACROYOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND!!! My dear friend and acroyoga goddess Karen Castle is joining forces with me to craft what will soon be a monthly gathering of acroyogis, acroyoginis, circus athletes,  and exercise enthusiasts on my favorite island town on the planet, Avalon of Catalina Island. 

THE ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND will have its inaugural session September 24-27, 2017 with its home base in the Metropole Plaza- participants will stay at the Hotel Metropole, food will be provided by the Metropole Cafe and sessions on the mats will be held in the Gaia Yoga Shala in the Metropole Plaza courtyard. 

The rigorous schedule will include two acroyoga sessions led by THE KAREN’S on each of the full days (Sept. 24, 25, 26). Included on the schedule are vinyasa flow classes led by Karen Elaine and Angela Phillips. The intention of this exercise immersive is to challenge and inspire each participant from newcomers to the sport to professional entertainers.

 As this partner yoga activity works with the energy of the collective group, the individuals will inevitably be inspired to participate in each new pose and stretch and hour of the sessions with renewed and magnified vigor. And of course we are on the beautiful town of Avalon, which is home to one of the most beautiful indigenous plant botanical gardens in the western States and infinite water sports, dirt bike and hiking trails…. this is truly the athletes’ paradise. 

And as all athletes experience challenges with vigorous practice, it is of vital importance that each participant be mindful of the necessary daily therapeutic care they must give their bodies to assure an active and injury-free experience. Sleep and healthy diet are givens. One reason why we are staying as a group at the Metropole Hotel is that we have a hot tub Jacuzzi to soak and soothe the muscles at the end of an action-packed day where we will decompress and review the highlights and inspired moments of the day. I ALSO STRONGLY ENCOURAGE the participants to take a daily Epsom-Magnesium salt bath which not only soothes sore muscles but allows the body to absorb the trace minerals we generally do not have as part of our diets and are needed with the aerobic and anaerobic work we will be doing.

Avalon offers many healing modalities which the participants of the ACRO YOGA RETREAT are encouraged to use~ massage on the tables at the cove, a foot massage at one of the salons, or just sitting in the sand gazing at the beautiful blue of the Pacific Ocean. Any one or combination of these will combine perfectly with the daily acro yoga practice to make a magical experience for each participant.

If you are interested in joining us this September for THE ACRO YOGA RETREAT ON CATALINA ISLAND, please go to and sign up! Our next gathering will be the last week of December from the 24th-30th. More questions or details are available on my webpage😍🙏🕉💪