Karen is More Than a Vola or Violin Teacher

Please understand this: Karen is more than a viola or violin teacher. She uses teaching to support people being the best they can be. Working with her I find the things that held me back from growing as a viola player are – amazingly – things that blocked breakthroughs in living more the way I’ve wanted to as well.
Karen is a master of her instrument – a magnificent player of profound musicality. Because she’s done the tens of thousands of hours of work herself she knows how to address the technical hurdles a student must face. But more than that, she clearly applies the same dedication to her inner life. That means she’s been able to not only support my growth as a string player but has, through her perceptive teaching, enhanced my enjoyment of life by showing how to recognize and break through hyper self-criticism and tentativeness.
Karen Elaine is a gem – a diamond that polishes others and a precious addition to this world. Am so grateful to know her!